Overview of Services

Mentoring - Each family that comes to the Agape Center for assistance is assigned a Mentor to work with them each time they come. The Mentor is there to listen, pray, encourage, and help set goals in the following areas: Employment, Education, Spiritual, and Physical.

Food - Each family receives food once every 30 days. We are a USDA food pantry so clients receive not only pantry food (food which we have purchased from the Feed America Food Bank in Salem, VA), but also USDA food which is subsidized by the US Government.


Clothing - A wonderful selection of clothing is displayed at the Agape Center where clients can shop for their family members each time they come in for their appointment. Volunteers carefully sort through the donated clothing items and keep the store beautifully stocked by season. 

Linens (kitchen and household) - All donations are accepted at Agape so kitchen and household items are available to clients with specific needs. Linens, such as towels, washcloths, sheets and comforters, are the number one requested item; consequently we are always short on these items. Donations are really appreciated. 

Furniture and Appliances - Furniture and appliances, including mattress and box spring sets, are available to our clients if they have a specific need. The Agape client places a written request and then as that item becomes available they are notified and arrangements are made for the client to pick it up. 

Financial Assistance - Limited financial assistance is available if funds are available and the client meets all the requirements. 


Firewood - Our Firewood Committee accepts trees that individuals want to donate. The Committee goes on site to cut up the logs and then they transport to a storage facility where they are split and made ready for clients who need firewood for heat.


Home Repairs - If an Agape client needs some assistance with minor home repairs, a request form is filled out and then passed on to the Good Samaritan Council for review and possible action.