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Agape Center Lynchburg

Listen to the Spirit FM  interview with Tabitha and Sue for more information

Spirit FM Interview with Tabitha and Sue - June 17, 2018

The Need:

Tabitha North, her friends, and her family have been helping those in need in the Lynchburg community for some time. Although there are many ministries and helping organizations serving Lynchburg, many are targeted to specific needs. In seeking to provide a general ministry that addresses both spiritual and practical needs, Tabitha became aware of the Agape Center. She realized that the basic operating principles of Agape could be tailored to serve the Lynchburg area.


The Plan:

Tabitha has recruited a core group of 15 volunteers. These volunteers are currently learning the operations of Agape SML.


The Next Steps:

A building is needed with storage space for large and small items for distribution to clients, with an area for a food pantry including refrigeration to provide food for clients, and with rooms to provide spiritual mentoring for every client.


Support of volunteers and donors from the community is also needed. 


Tabitha is currently working on connecting with churches in the Lynchburg and Forest areas to establish a support network.


The Guiding Vision:

Tabitha's passion is to see where God leads. "I want to invite others to join in this exciting venture, to give them a meaningful way to serve and to live out their Christian faith."


If you would like to contact Tabitha about serving Christ in this ministry, you can email her at or you can send her a message through the Agape Center Lynchburg contact page.


If you would like to make a donation, please use the link below. 

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